Signing Full Families

Real Families

All family members must be related by blood, adoption or marriage.  No made up families. 

Commercial & Print

We need family members who are not shy and want to go in and book that job.  Anyone who is submitted must want to do this and be very outgoing.

You cannot be with another agency for commercial or print. 

Requirements and Expectations

Families of any dynamic 



2 Moms/Kids

2 Dad/kids




Send the following:

2 clear photos taken within a week with everyone is who able to audition.  Only add those who are willing to audition. 

Adults -- Names and age range

Kids -- Names, DOB, Clothing size, Shoe size, Height, Weight, Skills

~No hats, no food on the face, no sunglasses, no poses, no make up

~No costumes

Only send photos of those who are able, willing and wanting to audition.

We need smiles!!!